On Monday and Tuesday November 4 & 5 the district’s Principals, ELA Coordinator, Literacy Coaches, Reading Recovery Teachers and a few classroom teachers attended the Literacy For All 2013 Conference sponsored by Lesley University’s Center for Literacy Collaborative and Center for Reading Recovery in Providence, RI.  Many of us are long-time attendees and have received some brilliant professional development to bring back and share with our colleagues.  Over the course of the two conference days one of the recurring ideas was the importance of keeping up with our “digitally native” students.  One of the goals of this blog is to increase communication with families around literacy. A question often asked is,” How can I help my child choose books at home?”  Some websites that offer some ideas for students, parents (and teachers) that seem to really know what kids like are: http://www.guysread.com; http://www.readkiddoread.com  Both websites are geared towards our boy readers and are run by male authors, Jon Scieszka of Time Warp Trio Series, and James Patterson of Daniel X series.  Some apps for ipads that support reading are : Wonderopolis. It gives a wonder of the day and gives facts and links connected to that wonder.  There are links for vocabulary practice and for adding your own wonders.  If you have a scholastic account, you can sign up for the Storia app.  you can download ebooks and either read it yourself of have it read to you.  We have many more to share and would love to hear about your favorites.  Please feel free to comment below.

Happy Reading!