A recent post on the Nerdy Book Club referred to the work of Dr. Steven Lane. Curious, I did some further reading. I found that Dr.Lane is an associate professor of education and literacy, a literacy consultant and an author of books for children and adults.   What follows today and in the next few posts will be more of what I discovered.

The goal for all of us is to create life long readers. According to Dr. Lane, the following strategy will help us attain that goal. He suggests classroom teachers designate a shelf as the Golden Recommendation Shelf. (Or maybe an entire bookcase that becomes the Golden Recommendation Bookcase!)

On this shelf or bookcase, place all your favorite books. Content area books, fiction books, poetry books, books from your childhood, books you stood in line to have authors autograph. You name it. Make these books special. Have a special sign out log. Perhaps place the books in bins or displays that differ from the rest of your class library. If you make this special and important the kids will want to find out why.

Once we hook them, they will keep reading!