As  promised in my previous post, I have continued to think about the work of Dr. Steven Layne. He tells us that the main objective of teachers should be to “foster a lifetime love of reading in our students”.  But how? In the high stakes testing environment we find ourselves in,  we sometimes  forget to ‘love’ a book and instead get lost in the skills and strategies. Dr. Layne has several suggestions that remind us to put enjoyment of the book first.

1. Find the reluctant readers and learn “who” they are. Get to know these students so you can put books in their hands they will connect with. Interest inventories can be a helpful tool and it’s never too late to ask your students to complete one.

2.Read aloud to students daily. Layne says “Reading aloud-a good book well- is the number one way to positively impact the the disengaged reader”.

3. Promote books through book chats. It is our duty to be well -read and informed about books that will interest our students. Advertise great books on a regular basis.

4. Celebrate books and reading. Make time to have book discussions with your students. Share book reviews and ask others for their suggestions. Always have the excitement shine through.

Remember, it is our job to be passionate about books.