I’ve wondered for a while why we need a ‘poetry month’? We don’t have months for reading newspapers or historical fiction or mystery books. Why is poetry different? Maybe it is because poets want us to know that their work is to be enjoyed, not dissected. Maybe they think too many well-meaning teachers ruined poetry by telling us to interpret it in a certain way, or to make just the right picture in our heads. Whatever the reason, April is Poetry Month and it is a great time to begin reading more poetry at home and at school because:

  1. Children enjoy the sound of the language, the rhythm and rhyme.
  2. Poems can be reread to deepen thinking.
  3. Poems can be reread to improve fluency.
  4. Poems that are short are non-threatening to struggling readers.
  5. Poems can be serious giving us much to think and talk about.
  6. Poems can be humorous and give us reasons to laugh.
  7. Poets help us to see things in new ways.
  8. Poetry helps to broaden children’s experiences.
  9. Poetry can give children ideas about which they can write.
  10. Children love to share and perform poetry.