Summer reading?  Yes. It’s that time when we think about ways to keep our students reading all summer long.  To many kids, summer break means a break from anything connected to school. To many busy parents, summer break means finding ways to keep their kids safe and entertained. To teachers, summer break means finding time to re-energize and read. Read? Yes, teachers can’t wait for summer break to read. We have accumulated piles of books on our desks, in our bookcases, by our bedsides, and in our teacher bag. Professional books and current bestsellers, beach reads and classics, children’s books and historical fiction, magazines and newspapers; it’s all on our to-do list. We will read at the beach, on a plane, before bed, while waiting for the doctor and in our backyard hammock. We will read short books, long books, fun books, and serious books.  We will read books to make us think, laugh, cry and teach us something.  We are readers and we NEED to teach that to our students.  In the upcoming weeks, share with your students your reading plans. Explain how you choose what to read first, and second. When do you pick a short book? When do you choose a book that will teach you? Tell them how you learn about books from friends, newspapers, blogs and social media. Let them in on the secret. Reading is fun. Reading is not just for school. Reading is what people do!