The following is from today’s issue of the online magazine, SRQ based in Florida.

Early Literacy Through Partners in Play

Forty Carrots Family Center


Talk, sing, read, write, and play!  It is remarkable that these five simple activities identified by the American Library Association promote early literacy all while strengthening the child and parent bond. Early literacy is not the teaching of reading; rather it is laying a strong foundation so that when children are taught to read, they are ready. Parents and caregivers participating in Partners In Play classes by Forty Carrots at the Sarasota and Manatee County libraries are engaged in these five activities that are helping children get ready to read: Children learn language and other early literacy skills by listening to their parents talk, as children hear spoken language they learn new words and what they mean. Songs are a natural way to learn about languages. Hearing the rhythms, meaning and syllables are all pre-reading skills that can emerge from a simple round of The Wheels on the Bus! Reading with your children is the single most important way to help them get ready to read. Reading together can start even before the baby is born. Reading and writing go together. Children become aware that printed letters stand for spoken words as they see print used in their daily lives. Finally, play has a significant role in preparing children to read. Children learn about language through different kinds of play.  Visit a Forty Carrots Partners In Play class and strengthen early literacy skills, while enjoying play and parenting support. For more information about Forty Carrots early literacy programs, contact Christina Rodrigues